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By fulfilling and delivering ecommerce orders to the end-consumer directly, companies can generate considerable savings. Cutting the 3rd Party Logistics services enables better economies of scale. As global ecommerce is rising, companies are urged to incorporate their D2C logistics in addition to their existing B2B operations. Our proposed approach not only helps you to come over the challenges, but Flowprime offers an agile solution implementation that results in a competitive advantage in the long run.

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Today’s Situation

“E-commerce is a must, as customers expect the best possible user experience”

  • Most companies ship to their B2B customers, to their retail customers, and to their own retail shops directly, but they do not ship to their end-consumers directly, but through a 3PL provider.
  • Retail e-commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate (16% in Western Europe), and the COVID-19 crisis accelerated the growing trends even more.
  • Shopping online is possible 24/7, customers can choose from a wide range of products conveniently while sitting at home. Shops who do not provide such a seamless online shopping experience can stay behind forever.



The 3PL Dilemma

“No real economies of scale with 3PL”

  • In the last 3 years, the average cost of one square meter warehouse space grew by 10 euros, while the hourly salary of warehouse staff and management show an increase as well.
  • 3PL providers came over the increase in costs by increasing their prices, which is reflected in the average corporate profit of 3PL companies, hitting 9.77% in 2020.
  • These 3PL costs can be saved by the companies and turned into the operations of shipping to the customers directly.



What’s the Challenge?


“The challenge lies in adding D2C logistics to the B2B operations”

  • Companies usually serve their B2B customers directly, and as this routine is already working well, adding D2C logistics is not such a big difference.
  • The biggest challenge lies in quick delivery, great customer experience, and high returns rate.



Our D2C Distribution Takeover Approach

  1. Increase picking efficiency by selecting the optimal method for each process

  2. Enable continuous delivery creation

  3. Group orders which should be processed alike

  4. Build a fast lane through your warehouse

  5. Allow real flexibility and transparency

  6. Accelerate the outflow with a pack-and-go process

  7. Build a complete returns process in the warehouse



Your D2C Distribution Takeover

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