Agile process thinking

Flowprime translates the universal fascination with flow into the classic logistics business based on agile process implementation. We are entering ongoing processes, optimising them or designing completely new ones.

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Pioneering new pathways

In urban traffic everybody would like to have phased traffic lights to get by quickly. In Germany it is called „a green wave“.  Exactly this kind of wave we are developing for your logistics processes, but with one difference: It is methodical, not coincidental. We either find a way or we pave a new one.

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Creating harmony

Our approach is to find the racing line for your logistics processes by creating a harmonic and dynamic unison between human beings, technology and processual knowledge. We don’t build for the client, but side by side with him. 

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Creating advantages

Actually we don’t design processes. We use the word „process“, because it is common knowledge. But we came up with a word that describes our work much better. We call it a „chain of advantages“. It inspires new thinking and creates the fitting advantages for your goals and business.

Profit from the following advantages:

  • better Predictability / Fairness
  • better Transparency
  • higher Cost Efficiency 
  • more Rewarding Teamwork 
  • higher User Acceptance
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The organism for your logistics

In a sound organism all the organs work together without friction because they are meticulously coordinated. Flowprime’s agile and organic method follows a circular pattern continuously allowing new tests and implementing optimizations until all disruptive factors are removed and the finest result can be released.

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We are fluent in success.

Our scope of services meets all your performance requirements. For further competences accompanying our expertise we can recommend these appreciated network partners.


Experts in flow.

At Flowprime we have gathered an expert group of international programmers, consultants and solution finders with many years of quality experience in various industries. Depending on the task and your specifications we tailor a bespoke team uniting professional expertise and the focus on meticulous results.

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Flow - a universal language.

Germany, Austria, Japan and the Philippines are the countries on our map in which we already performed. These projects not only enabled us as an add-on to learn about the respective culture and communication, but also sparked our curiosity to prove our worth in new countries. We mastered our expertise in the following industries: fashion, pharma, engineering. 

From Production Site to European Central Logistics Center

D2C Distribution Takeover

We understand flow as a universal idea essential to everybody. Hence we would be very happy to share our knowledge with teams in other industries as well.

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Flowprime - The interface for various competences

In order to create the perfect flow and precise convergence we rely on alliances with professional partners that not only compliment our expertise but augment it. We pass the word over so they can speak for themselves.

Flowprime is a proud partner of ProGlove in implementing their wearable scanners into your logistics flow.⚡️


Let's get it flowing.

We are looking forward to getting to know you and your challenges. Together we can bring your logistics processes closer to perfection.

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