Triumph Transformed

From Production Facility to European Distribution Center

Flowprime helped transform the production center of a fashion logistics powerhouse, Triumph International, into a European Central Distribution Center, as part of the European Distribution Network Transformation Program at Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

Triumph Standort Wiener Neustadt

Project Facts

  • End-to-End EWM Implementation
  • Connected 4 Automated warehouse systems and 4.8km conveyor to SAP EWM MFS
  • Migrated 2700 Customer with 13200 destinations in 43 countries
  • Shipping setup for 35 Carrier
  • Complete remote golive during Covid19 Lockdown.
  • Integration of new System and processes into offshore IT Support organization. 

Project Highlights

  • Dynamic VAS management with
  • SKU clean pallet creation via Sorter
  • Dynamic delivery Staging 

Warehouse Details

  • Automated Pallet Warehouse (18k Pallets)
  • Automated Box Warehouse (115k boxes)
  • Retrapic (7.6k Pallets)
  • Picking Zone (1.4mio pcs / 270k bins)
  • Outbound deliveries 270k pcs/day
  • Inbound deliveries 150k pcs/day 


  1. Change management with intensive training programs
  2.   Design and Implementation of the European SAP EWM Template
    • Adjusting several ERP Interfaces to connect the AFS ERP with the EWM System
    • Customizing all end-to-end warehouse processes
    • Creating Fiori apps for improved user experiences
  1. Deliveries to around 2700 new customers and 13200 destinations in 43 countries
    • Centralizing the Value-Added Service management
    • Migrating customer-specific labels, delivery notes, and other forms from several legacy systems
    • Adapting to the changes in the European Supply Chain Strategy during the project
  1. Connecting 35 Carriers
    • Document and Label creation for multi-leg shipments across multiple borders
  1. Connecting 4 different automated warehouse systems and 4.8 km of conveyor 
    • Communicating with 27 PLCs including several different interfaces
    • Completely remote Golive for automated warehouse due to COVID-19 Lockdown
  1. Integration of new systems and processes into an existing IT Support organization
Flowprime's Agile Method Model

An Agile Start

In Summer 2017, the project team started a 2-month specification phase. They defined the required process details, the material flow concept and local customer VAS requirements. Despite not including the comprehensive scope of the project, the specification phase enabled the development team to start the first sprint. After 9 months of intensive solution building and testing sprints, the local Distribution Center (DC) was migrated to the SAP EWM System.

Operations + Growth

While the warehouse is operating with a new warehouse management system, developments for the next wave were continued. In parallel, productive processes were permanently monitored and improvement proposals were permanently added to the backlog. Once a certain process was running stable in the productive system, the handover into Triumph’s own support organization was made. With the merge of the Central Warehouse and the Central European DC, the project reached its final go-live in March of 2020.

A Team of Experts

The project team consists of an IT team, Logistics Key Users, and Sales/Customer Service Key Users. They used Jira (Atlassian) to plan and track project tasks transparently among all project members and stakeholders. A global team of logistics key users from Japan, France, and Germany was created to coach local key users in their processes, systems and customer know-how on-site. The integration tests have helped all entities, which are based in different European countries, to be managed completely remotely.

Flowprime's expert group of international Solution Architects and Developers.

A Triumphant Project

Triumph became the 2019 Winner of the Austrian Logistics Award. The best Austrian logistics projects are honored every year at the Austrian Logistik-Preis of the Verein Netzwerk Logistik.


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