Triumph International

Transforming a production facility into a European Distribution Center

As part of the European Distribution Network Transformation Program, the logistic site in Wiener Neustadt (AT) became the Central Distribution Center for the Triumph brand in Europe.


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The Story

„From Production Site to European Central Distribution Center“

1959   Triumph started producing its lingerie in Austria; opening local distribution center Wiener Neustadt

2001   Central Warehouse Wiener Neustadt opened

2015   Austrian sewing sites closed

2016   Austrian pre-production stopped

2017   Local DC modernization

2018-04   GoLive EWM – Implementation of new WMS (SAP EWM) for CDC WN

2019-07   Deliver German Triumph Red Label Customer from Wiener Neustadt

2019-08   Deliver Triumph Red Label Europe + Export Customer from Wiener Neustadt

2020-04   Warehouse Merger – Central Warehouse / Distribution Center → One Warehouse

2020-05   Brand Split – Wave 2: Triumph/Other Segments in Europe




„Transformation in two aspects: changing the system and the mindset“

1.   Transforming a Production Site into a Central Distribution HUB

      • Change Management with intensive training programs

2.   Designing and Implementing the European SAP EWM Template

      • Adjusting several ERP Interfaces to connect the AFS ERP with the EWM System
      • Customizing all end-to-end warehouse processes
      • Creating Fiori apps for improved user experiences

3. Delivering to approximately new 2700 customers and 13200 destinations in 43 countries

      • Centralizing the Value-Added Service management
      • Migrating customer-specific labels, delivery notes, and other forms from several legacy systems
      • Adapting to the changes in the European Supply Chain Strategy during the project

4. Connecting 35 Carrier

      • Document and Label creation for multi-leg shipments across multiple borders

5. Connecting 4 different Automated warehouse systems and 4.8 km conveyor

      • Communicating with 27 PLCs including several different interfaces
      • Completely remote Golive for automated warehouse due to COVID-19 Lockdown

6. Integration of new system and processes into existing IT Support organization



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