Flow of Material

Maximum output can be achieved with the optimal flow of material.


How do modern logistics centres coordinate their flow of material in order to ensure a maximum output of the facility?


SAP EWM takes over the central role. It unites the flow of material with warehouse management and shows your goal and status of each storage unit, at any time and any location. It also enables you to interfere with current processes. SPS controls are connected directly and hassle-free per ABAP push channel or indirectly via a connector. We are keen on installing a wholesome implementation enabling the system to grow dynamically according to your future demands.

As a matter of principle all devices can be controlled via SAP EWM with one network interface, for example:

  • Box Conveyor
  • Pallet Conveyor
  • Automated high rack storage for boxes
  • Automated pallet warehouse
  • All storage and retrieval machines
  • Forklift control
  • Picking Systems (Pick-By-Light, Pick-By-Voice, Pick-By-Vision)
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